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Voting Portals - A Complete Solution to HOA/Condo & Government Voting & Survey Requirements

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Voting is no longer a matter of having an expensive setup with physical booths, compromised privacy, standard security, and glitch in a system. All that makes the system unreliable, not trustworthy, unsecured with low integrity. The time when voting is not just limited to electing your President and more government in power, it has found its way in democracy in various sectors of Homeowner Associations, Condo Associations, survey requirements, etc., giving the power to elect in the hand of their citizens.

Electronic Voting is an advent in the system that has brought a leap in the process. With systemized systems, stringent security, advanced technology like Blockchain put in the process monitoring, and maintaining scrutinized observations and final results, all under the cost-effectiveness and reliable system of the ‘Voting Portals’.

Keeps You Updated:

Not just a promised secure platform, ‘Voting Portals’ provides an all-in-one experience to all. Its electronically advanced platform allows managers and organizing teams, full control of the system. Not just that, it is not a done and dusted situation wherein you just join and wait for The Day of the voting. Its 24-hour tech support sends reminders, notifications, allows associations to live stream and record meetings. All this makes you an important part of the system, where you will be held important.

Secured Experience:

No more fear of cheating, mistreating votes, and lack of trust in the system, as ‘Voting Portals’ is made by the best and top real estate attorneys of the United States that supports and guarantees you firm and uncompromised legal compliance. From sending verified emails to notifying you whenever you log in through 3-layer security support, and strong Blockchain integration that holds the system together to IP address tracking when required, it provides you the highest level of security available.

Personalized Experience:

From giving you a dedicated URL and private label login, ‘Voting Portals’ gives a very personalized experience that keeps you informed about the happenings at every step. Streaming and recording live meetings, watching archived meetings, access to important associations’ documents, posting newsletters and other engaging communications, sending verified emails, and showing voting and survey results on time with proper alerts.

Top-notch User Experience:

The user-friendly platform that works on all devices at all corners of the world, allows its members to attend meetings or vote from any part of the world, giving email support to all members, wherein, they will be informed about all activities. Along with this, there are notices notifying people of happenings with access to all documents. From auto alerts, multilingual programs, constant reminders, and notifications to generating electronic receipts, this single page interface system gives the best experience to all.

Conclusively, electronic voting in all sectors is not just a one-time task. It is an experience that keeps the trust, the integrity of people alive in the system, hence making them more responsible with their free will choices. Hence, it is not just a matter of electing your government now where we rely on voting, it is equally crucial in electing members right that shapes reform for your society or community with Homeowner Association election which allows everyone an equally enriching experience all over the world, to Condo Association voting experience where apartment divisions don't divide you, but brings you together on a platform to shape your future. Again, Government voting and secure, reliable, and transparent experience are made synonym, and lastly, to those eyeing survey requirements, a system that gives you an all-in-one experience with real-time tracking of response is definitely a thumbs up.

Needless to say, all this is possible with offerings of 'Voting Portals’.


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