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Proxy Voting Service

For times when you are busy or not available, let that not affect your Right to Elect. Voting Portals enables you to have a proxy representative for you with their Proxy Voting Service. Now, you can entrust your voting power to your representative with a firm belief and confidence in the system.

Let Your Proxy Vote With Confidence!

Proxy Voting Services leverages Voting Portals services for their customer’s smooth experience by providing seamless authentication, login, and instant vote confirmation for proxy’s safe and secured experience. Comprehensive and industry-leading service that is designed to support domestic and cross-border members and shareholders in their governance rights further facilitates a smooth, informed, and secured experience. This service now allows an instinctive and guided experience for users to elect/vote their proxies quickly and reliably with a secured gateway.


Make Your Voice Heard, Even In Your Absence

Discover a new experience that allows the system to use voting rights more reliably and coherently by letting individuals/representatives quickly and easily authorize someone else as their voting proxy. Now, you can develop customized guidelines defining your needs to ensure a smooth experience and instill confidence of usage in voters. From sending timely notifications, analysis, reminders, and recommendations, we give you an informed route. 


Supporting everyone with voting rights, present or not, Anonymous Voting service is the best option for Annual General Meetings, HOAs, and Non-profit organizations by letting owners, shareholders, and representatives appoint a trusted proxy that fulfills quorum requirements, easily and safely. 

Discover A New Seamless And
Secure Service


Real-Time Analysis

Giving you real-time reporting of every detail, while keeping a strong tap on how votes and process unfolds.


E-Meet And Greet

Keeping you in synergy with the process brings you access to live meetings while voting.


Anonymity Options

Gives you the option to keep your voting anonymous while keeping an eye on the progress of your vote.


Customer Support

Guidance at every level, we make sure that you and your voter make a secured and infirmed choice.

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Create Your Own Ballots And Surveys In Seconds

Make your vote count with a proxy!

At Voting Portals, we believe in the ultimate power to elect. For times of your unavailability, we have a Proxy Voting service that enables you to exercise your Right to Vote with your confident and informed proxy.

This innovative, comprehensive, and integrated solution allows you to remain heard in your absence with a proxy. Most suitable for the shareholder meeting, association elections, or Board of Director elections, where either a proposal is raised, and attendees are asked to vote on issues for future vision, for those who can’t attend these important meetings but have a firm opinion and choice to make, can still be part of it with a proxy vote.

All organizations for elections, polls, and surveys can implement proxy votes to conclude a decision. With us, the experience is secure, reliable, and safe.

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