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The services offered by us are more than essential in the corporate sector. Any corporate structure, at the very bare minimum, requires certain processes for the smooth functioning of the overall organization. At Voting Portals, we not only take care of your online voting requirements but also provide the best solution and services when it comes to Online Surveys and Virtual Meetings. Voting Portals puts your corporate data at the highest level of importance. Our services include bank-grade data encryption, password authentication, block chain integration protecting your data.


The voting process is very crucial to any corporate structure, we provide start to finish solutions for all your voting events. Our Election Management services team of experienced professionals are here to ensure you receive the best and most secure services with round-the-clock support at all times.


Hassle-free and secure corporate services 


Data security

With layers of embedded security, we ensure that all your collected data are safe and secure with us at all times.


Real-time insights

With our survey tool, you get the power to analyze insights and results even when conducting a meeting or voting which enables you to get real-time results.


Quick setup

Specially designed using different logic and parameters, surveys on our platform are relatively easy to set up and takes very little time.

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Experienced Team

We are a specialized team with years of collective experience of managing elections or surveys and everything in between.

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