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Voting Portals offers online voting for private and non-profit corporations including annual elections, shareholder votes, and contract ratifications.  Our Voting Portals can be customized to fit the exact voting needs of your company.  We also offer mobile app voting, as well as voting by email and text for maximum convenience to your members.

Save Money While Providing Your Shareholders the Ability
to Vote From Anywhere

Corporations that use physical ballots for shareholder voting waste significant amounts of time and money on paper, envelopes, and postage, with low voter participation. Offering your shareholders the opportunity to vote online through Voting Portals cuts that inefficiency of printing (everything) and using the mail, while significantly increasing your voter participation. We offer the highest level of security and data protection with captcha encrypted voting codes and two factor authentication.  


The Voting Portals team of experts assist in running your corporation’s online voting event.  Our proprietary software creates replica electronic ballots (to your physical ones), offering your members the same familiar voting experience over the internet from anywhere in the world. Voting Portals’ online voting system compliments your physical ballot option and any such physical ballots cast can easily be added into our software program providing total voting results and a full archive of the event.  Final results can also be posted in the portal for members to see. 


Voting Portals also offers the most advanced video library available today with the ability to label, tag and categorize. Corporations can stream, display, and archive meetings and other video content for shareholders in a secure, password protected platform. Additionally, Voting Portals’ verified email system allows your corporation to track and log each communication when electronically sending quarterly reports, disclosure notices, and other important documents to shareholders, for maximum accountability and transparency.  


Hassle-free and secure corporate services 


Data security

With layers of embedded security, we ensure that all your collected data are safe and secure with us at all times.


Real-time insights

With our survey tool, you get the power to analyze insights and results even when conducting a meeting or voting which enables you to get real-time results.


Quick setup

Specially designed using different logic and parameters, surveys on our platform are relatively easy to set up and takes very little time.

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Experienced Team

We are a specialized team with years of collective experience of managing elections or surveys and everything in between.

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