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Online Voting Services

Our core strength at Voting Portals is to provide the most advanced, reliable, and secure Online Voting Services to our clients.  Our proprietary software has been successfully used by some of the largest and most prestigious associations throughout the United States.  With over 1 million online votes cast and voters from more than 50 countries, Voting Portals is the software leader your association can count on to deliver accurate election results every time.   


Know the Difference Between Voting Portals and the Competitor

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More than one reason to choose Voting Portals


Legally Compliant

Personally designed by our CEO and nationally recognized attorney, Ben Solomon, Esq., who has conducted hundreds of condo/HOA elections, to assure your association is legally compliant at all times, our software complies with Florida Statues, Department of Labor Standards, and most association By-laws.

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We offer the highest level of security including bank grade data protection, encryption, and blockchain technology through Microsoft.


Ease & Support

Voting Portals offers the most user-friendly platform for managers/administrators and members. Our expert team also provides superior support including setup, creating ballots, running elections, and more.


Customized Portal

Your association can customize Voting Portals with its logo, images, meetings, documents, promotions, and other content offering a personalized, private label portal experience for your members. 

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