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At Voting Portals, we provide the best Online Voting Services as per specific needs and requirements. Having successfully conducted hundreds of elections and other electronic voting events for condominium associations and HOAs throughout the U.S., as well as providing Online Voting Services for the Government sector, Unions, etc. we have honed the entire process with the best of technical feasibility as well as round the clock support.

Taking in-person voting into a more convenient online platform

The entire voting process in Condo/HOA, Union, Trade Association, Government, etc. is very critical and complex. At Voting Portals, our main objective is to make the entire process simpler and secure by all means. For that purpose, we have built the best all-in-one, an electronic voting software platform that allows managers and boards full control significantly reduces cost, eliminates cheating and human errors, and assists in achieving a quorum.


Services across Sectors 

The process of voting is of huge importance regardless of the sector it is being conducted in. With our range of services, we cover different sectors such as HOA/Condo, Trade Association, Union, Education, and Government. 

More than one reasons to choose Voting Portals’ Online Voting Services


Legally Compliant

Personally designed by our CEO and nationally recognized real estate attorney, Ben Solomon, Esq., who has conducted thousands of condo/HOA elections, to assure your association is legally compliant at all times.

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Secure Everytime

From Blockchain Technology integration to Bank Grade Data Encryption and a lot more, we at Voting Portals are revolutionizing online voting with top notch security!


Ease & Support

Get the ease to create ballots, surveys and a lot more with the most user-friendly interface and 24x7 support at Voting Portals.


Customized Portal

Get the most customized portal experience with dedicated URL for your HOA/Condo along with Private label login page, archived meetings and much more.


No Contract, No Set Up Costs, No Support Fees



10% Off With Prepaid Annual Subscription

  • Unlimited Ballots

  • Unlimited Surveys

  • Verified (Tracked) Emails

  • Video Library/Document Storage 

  • Setup Included

  • Support Included



Caps at $500 for up to 2000 members

  • Private Label URL (

  • No Ads Allowed

  • Additional Features Including Live Streaming And Video Storage

  • White Glove Service (A Step Well Beyond Tech Support)


Do you have a customized plan for conducting Online Voting in Organization?

Yes, our plans are flexible. Whether you are looking for an individual service or a group plan, we can customize the services as per your need.

Does the dashboard offers a feed to connect with peers along with conducting the voting?

Yes, our dashboard is customizable. You can add surveys, upload documents, add announcements to the notification bar, send emails, and add users to view and share the dashboard. Moreover, you can also do live streaming or upload recorded videos to share them with other users and make them participate with your consent. All of this is manageable aside from conducting online voting or creating ballots for your organization. Each time new content is added on the portal, a notification goes to all the members to view it online via their mobile phones, tabs, or desktop. That’s not all, we also help you send auto-reminders to make your job easy.

Does Surveys & Online Meetings are part of your Voting Services offered under the Voting Portals App?

Yes, that’s Voting Portals for you. At a starting price of $84/month, you can avail everything under the 'Voting Portals' application. We have ballots, surveys, live streaming meetings, recorded content & documents to be shared amongst your members to make them participate and analyze the content and results for ballots and surveys. In the admin dashboard, you will get to customize your portal as per your need.

Is your platform secure? How can we be assured of our confidential content being secured on your online voting platform?

We have two-way security enabled. One needs to verify its credential before logging in. When a user is added, an automated email is sent which needs to be used to login to the portal with setting up a secured password. Rest assured, the platform has been developed by top Real Estate Attorney, Ben Solomon which further helps you to relax keeping all your legal and privacy issues checked.

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Online Voting & Ballots made secure & easy

With over decades of collective experience and technical know-how, at Voting Portals, we provide Online Voting Services across different sectors in the most streamlined and secure way possible which makes the entire process way easier to comprehend and execute. Irrespective of the sector in consideration, the entire process of Voting is quite critical and complex and hence we made sure to build a platform that essentially takes care of all the works effectively. Along with Online Voting, we also provide a range of other services covering different sectors such as HOA/Condo, Trade Association, Union, Government, and Education.

Considering we are among the top service providers when it comes to online voting, there are certain factors that make us better than the rest. Firstly, security! At Voting Portals, we have top-level security with Blockchain integration and 3-tier password integration. And secondly, being founded by one of the top attorneys of the nation, all services provided by us are totally legal compliant. Also, a very easy set-up framework enables our clients to create ballots and conduct online elections with utmost ease and convenience.