The Leader in Electronic Voting and Web Portal Solutions for Condos, HOAs, Trade Associations, Unions, and more.


Created by top real estate attorney, Ben Solomon, Esq., to guarantee compliance with the law.


Provide Convenience for Your Members

Allow your members to vote easily and securely from anywhere in the world rather than having to submit a physical ballot or attend a meeting in person. Send verified electronic notices to members, display agendas, budgets, presentations and other documents.


Increase Participation



On average 60% to 80% of our online voters participate compared to what is often less than 30% with physical balloting.


Prevent Human Errors & Cheating

Our user-friendly software eliminates human errors by your members and prevents cheating in elections and other voting events.


Lower Your Costs & Save Time



Stop wasting money on printing physical ballots, postage, administrative time and other mailing costs. Substantially reduce meeting times by not having to inspect and count ballots.



VP uses the latest technologies available today with a primary focus on data integrity, reliability and verification. Our proprietary software meets and exceeds industry security standards in order to ensure all voting events are safe and free from any form of tampering.


We Have Decades of Business and Technical Experience


VP builds all of its own software programs through its in-house team of 30+ business professionals, seasoned developers, programmers and designers. 




Our portals are designed to meet the needs of any industry in connection with electronic voting, online meetings, verified email communications, document display, surveys and more.

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Don’t See Your Sector?


Our proprietary software can be customized to fit any industry or organization’s needs.

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