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The Most
Online Voting

Created by top Attorney Ben Solomon, Esq.

We help your association get started with electronic voting


Proud Partners


Superior Online Voting Software With Video Library for Meetings and Verified Emails for Notices

Create your own electronic ballots and surveys in seconds

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Developed By Top  Attorney Ben Solomon

Personally designed by our CEO and nationally recognized attorney, Ben Solomon, Esq. who has conducted hundreds of Condo/HOA elections, to ensure your association is legally compliant at all times. Among other legal requirements, our proprietary software complies with Florida Statutes, U.S. Department of

Labor Regulations, and customary association bylaws. 


Voting Portals Features & Security

Highest level of security to ensure that your data & privacy are protected

Admin Benefits

Phone and email support for managers

Free virtual support on day-of-voting event

Admin Features


Create your own ballot in seconds

Easy bulk upload of member roster

Monitor and track progress of ballot 

                                            Member Benefits


Most user-friendly platform

Optimized to work seamlessly on all devices

Vote & Watch meetings anywhere in the world

Member Features


Auto alerts, reminders, and notifications Multilingual program

Electronic voting receipts 


Powering them all...

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Keys Gate Testimonial
The Mark Video
BASF Video
Brickell House Video
Jade Signature Video
Quayside Towers Video V3
Le Parc Video
Le Parc - Carolina Lendaro

We have had such a great experience with Voting Portals. The training that I received in the beginning when I first started using was in depth. Now I am able to do mailings and video uploads myself.

Yaidyt Hernandez

Brickell House GM 

Our owners really like using Voting Portals because it is easy to vote and they can watch the meetings online. I also like that I can load my own content.


Jenny Little

Jade Signature Manager

We have a lot of international investors that are not here on property, so when we have meetings they are able to live stream all the meetings and are able to connect and be informed.


Gio Barberena

The Bond Manager

All-Inclusive Plans

No Contract, No Setup Costs, No Support Fees

Standard Plan

Per Month


$907 Billed Annually

*special discounts available *


  • Unlimited Voting 

  • Setup and Support ​

  • Verified Emails/E-Notices

  • Video/Document Storage

Premium Plan




  • Unlimited Voting 

  • Setup and Support ​

  • Verified Emails/E-Notices

  • Video/Document Storage

  • Dedicated URL/ Login Page 

  • Online Election Assistance

  • Live Streaming

  • Portal design services

  • Ad Free

Contact Us For Premium Services


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Voting Portals easy to use?
    Yes, Voting Portals is the most user-friendly software available for both administrators and members. Our software provides legally compliant ballot templates with the option of creating your own. We also provide automation tools to assist you in managing elections.
  • Can members vote from anywhere in the world?
    Yes, Voting Portals is hosted with Microsoft Cloud data center to ensure we have the highest uptime and availability from anywhere in the world. In fact, around half of our users are from outside the United States.
  • Does Voting Portals help us on-board?
    Yes, Voting Portals provides full onboarding support at no additional charge.
  • Does Voting Portals provide support to members?
    Yes, Voting Portals provides support to all members. They simply send a request to info@ and one of our customer service specialists will provide help within 1 business day.
  • Does Voting Portals provide onsite software support during the election meeting?
    Yes, simply send a request to [email protected] to schedule it.
  • How does the association coordinate the paper ballots with online ballots?
    Our system allows you to cross reference the online votes with the physical ballots, so inspectors can easily catch and disregard any duplicates. Voting Portals software also allows you to aggregate the total physical ballots with the online totals to provide the official results.
  • How do you handle a member that owns multiple units?
    Owners can choose to have a separate email address per unit or one email address for all units. The member can then vote each ballot separately or there is a bulk voting feature for casting multiple ballots at a time.
  • Who owns the data and content?
    All content and member data are 100% owned by your association.
  • Do I have to sign any contracts?
    No. You can use Voting Portals by simply signing up online and agreeing to our terms of service.
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