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How to Conduct Online Surveys, Questionnaires, Forms & Polls

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

With online surveys, polls, and questionnaires, it is never about what you ask but how you ask. Conducting surveys, questionnaires, forms, and polls is not just a medium of long question lists, but a great and effective way to evaluate customer feedback and dive deep into their thinking, feelings, perspective, and most importantly their expectations.

The anonymity that technology and the internet provide you behind the screen makes it the best pick to understand your customer, what they really think about service, product, or your organization at large. With innumerable sites available to draft one, invest in the best that creates a super experience for your audience and brings the best insights for you.

Voting Portals designed by the best provide you the best and reliable solutions with the best software and technology compatibility. With software that is not just user-friendly, but packed with advanced features, Voting Portals allow you myriads of options to choose from for your customized and preferable setup. From drop-down menus, customized matrix tables, single questions to multiple questions, their updated and customized solutions and tools help one collect the data effectively and efficiently.

Questions and customization:

From multiple question selections to single or 2-3 words inputs, Voting Portals’ library of question types and formats with customization inputs allows one to conduct surveys, questionnaires, forms, and polls to collect the information one needs. Collect the data and answers you need with a user-friendly platform. To keep the accuracy to the point with no inaccurate, invalid, and incomplete inputs, Voting Portals lets you set a word limit, ‘other’ choice, along with validated prompt messages and making questions mandatory. They even let you design engaging questions with audios and videos.

Advance features:

Making users feel involved and not bored of the experience, Voting Portals allows you to create responsive and smart polls, questionnaires, and surveys with their smart tools. You can show and hide irrelevant pages that might just spam your customers, causing them to lose his/her interest in the process. This can be decided by tracking their behavior in previous answers. Our feature also uses answers from previous questions and copies them automatically. Further, keeping the accuracy of utmost importance, they ensure accuracy with every response and eliminates biases by automatically displaying responses in a random order to every respondent.

Complete control:

From incorporating brand colors, theme, logo to question fonts and colors, customizing your experience couldn’t be simpler with Voting Portals. Customizing experience with a professional web address or even allowing you to have your own subdomain, Voting Portals allow you to explore everything to give your customers a branded experience without speaking much directly about the brand. They give you complete design and content control by allowing you to choose anything and everything that suits your brand voice. Now, you can customize everything from buttons, theme, color theme, and texts.

Accessible and compatible:

One thing of worry with online surveys, questionnaires, and

is its accessibility and compatibility through devices for a user-friendly experience. Voting Portals makes sure that your surveys, questionnaires, and polls are all device and language supportive. You can now send out your surveys, questionnaires, and polls made on Voting Portals without worrying about its compatibility.

Making decisions is not a matter of one deliberation by one person. Rather, make smarter choices by addressing and acknowledging every person’s interest, choice, view, and need. Needless to say, in a given situation, surveying with questionnaires and polls is the most effective way to bring out the change in line with peoples’ expectations, timely and cost-effectively.


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