Online Survey Services

When measuring overall satisfaction level or gathering collective feedback, online surveys are one of the best tools that an associations can have to provide insight in today’s world. At Voting Portals, we offer reliable, easy to manage, and effective Online Survey Services that can benefit the overall management of different sectors.

Creating Surveys was never this easy

Among the range of services offered by us, at Voting Portals, we are proud of the Online Survey Services that help you to gauge different scenarios and sentiments with surveys that are easy to create and manage. We have created specialized tools that enable managers and board members to easily create a survey and reach out to your association members, clients, or even the general public to find out their opinions and implement any actions. Our platform is not just secure but it is extremely easy to understand for first-time users.


Secure & Real-time Results

Two of the main aspects we stress upon while providing our Online Survey Services are security and real-time results. A survey means the collection of data and when it comes to data, security and privacy are of utmost importance. We ensure the highest level of security that one can get such as 3-layer password authentication, Bank-grade data encryption, Blockchain technology integration, etc. Secondly, the structure of our survey platform is made in such a way that one can run a survey even when a live meeting is going on.


This enables you to get real-time results and come to a decisive outcome at a quicker pace. Also, since everything is online, attendees can join a meeting and simultaneously take surveys side-by-side enabling real-time results and decisions.

More than one reasons to choose Voting Portals Online Survey Services


Quick setup

Specially designed using different logic and parameters, surveys on our platform are relatively easy to set up and takes very little time.


Data security

With layers of embedded security, we ensure that all your collected data are safe and secure with us at all times.


Real-time insights

With our survey tool, you get the power to analyze insights and results even when conducting a meeting which enables you to get real-time results.


Minimal error

With our online surveys, you can get direct responses without any mediator there is little to no chance of miscommunication or misunderstandings ensuring minimal error.


No Contract, No Set Up Costs, No Support Fees



10% Off With Prepaid Annual Subscription

  • Unlimited Ballots

  • Unlimited Surveys

  • Verified (Tracked) Emails

  • Video Library/Document Storage 

  • Setup Included

  • Support Included



Caps at $500 for up to 2000 members

  • Private Label URL (

  • No Ads Allowed

  • Additional Features Including Live Streaming And Video Storage

  • White Glove Service (A Step Well Beyond Tech Support)


How are Online Surveys different from Online Voting?

Online surveys conduct multiple MCQ’s i.e. multiple choice questions which a user needs to fill in, and admin can analyze the results thereafter whereas in Online Voting there is only one subject/question/MCQ which a user needs to answer hence online surveys and voting are a bit different from each other. Basically, it’s about your objective, i.e. whether you want to conduct online ballots or run a survey within your organization.

What types of Online Surveys you offer, and can we make our own ballots?

Yes, you can certainly create your own custom ballots or surveys. However, our platform has pre-set templates to create for Annual Election of Directors, Waiver of Reserves, For/Against, Multiple Choice Questions, and Uploading Documents for the online surveys.

Can I conduct online surveys while doing a Live Streaming or Virtual Meeting?

Yes, our platform allows you to do it. While you are discussing & explaining your online survey you can ask the community members to conduct the survey securely while conducting the virtual meeting. If needed you can discuss the results of the survey while being on the call itself or can share the results after the meeting with all the participants.

What all is included in the monthly fee of $84/User?

Everything that Voting Portals has. Yes, we don’t limit our service to only conducting Online Surveys but also offer other services at the same cost you pay us. For a user, Online Surveys, Ballots, Live Streaming/Virtual Meetings, and a customized dashboard are included to make your members participate. There is no annual commitment and you can always book a demo to check what all you can do with 'Voting Portals'.

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Conducting Online Surveys made simple

Today’s world runs on reviews and feedback and we can’t come to explain the importance of having a system of conducting a secure and dependable online survey platform. Although there are various dedicated platforms of online surveys, Online Survey Services provided by Voting Portals are quite a lot in demand considering it is accurate, secure, and can be clubbed with our other services as well. Online surveys come in handy in many scenarios, such as they can be very effective while conducting an online election or even during general management so as to know people’s opinions and the overall sentiment.

Security is of key importance while conducting any online survey. Voting Portals ensures the highest level of security available. We built our platform using 3-layer password authentication, Bank-grade data encryption, and Blockchain technology integration, but not limited too. Your data is safe and secure with us. Our platform is easy to setup and allows you to start surveying in a matter of minutes.