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Union Voting Software

Voting Portals has significant experience providing online elections and other voting events for national, state and local unions.  We ofter national union voting software that has successfully handled contract ratification votes, annual elections, and strikes for major unions throughout the U.S. including in New York and Washington D.C. Our software complies with U.S. Department of Labor Standards and most union by-laws. Voting Portals also works with election monitoring companies and unions directly to provide physical balloting fulfillment. Our union voting software can be integrated with your union management software. 

We Have the Experience Your Union Can Trust

Voting Portals provides bank grade security and encrypted voting codes for the ultimate protection in online union elections and other voting events.  Our proprietary software also provides an online inspector tool that prevents duplicate ballots and properly logs every vote for maximum transparency and accountability.  There are also other advanced tracking features that make any election challenges fast and easy to resolve.  Additionally, our voting portal serves as a digital roster of your members and voters keeping record of all votes cast, proxies, and other related documents.

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Vote legally and securely online


24/7 Support

Emergencies can pop up at any time. We understand your urgency and we’ll make every effort to assist you by any means possible 24/7.


Do More

Conduct a virtual meeting and an online survey or voting at the same time with our flexible platform that allows you to do more and achieve real-time results.


Data security

With layers of embedded security, we ensure that all your collected data are safe and secure with us at all times.


Utmost Privacy

Privacy and security is exactly what we do, it is our main focus. Maintaining your privacy and safeguarding your data at all costs is our top priority.

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