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 Condo/HOA Online Voting

Voting Portals is the premier provider of online voting software for condominium and homeowners’ associations throughout the United States. Our program complies with applicable Florida Statutes and most association by-laws.  Voting Portals understands the process and procedures for Condo/HOA elections and assists with creating ballots, managing elections, and posting results. Our Condo/HOA Online Voting System can be integrated with your HOA community management or condo association management program. We offer the best pricing options for a condominium and HOA voting solution, with set up and support included.     

Specially Designed For Condos and HOAs to Fully Comply with the Law

  • Is Voting Portals easy to use?
    Yes, Voting Portals is the most user-friendly software available for both administrators and members. Our software provides legally compliant ballot templates with the option of creating your own. We also provide automation tools to assist you in managing elections.
  • Can members vote from anywhere in the world?
    Yes, Voting Portals is hosted with Microsoft Cloud data center to ensure we have the highest uptime and availability from anywhere in the world. In fact, around half of our users are from outside the United States.
  • Does Voting Portals help us on-board?
    Yes, Voting Portals provides full onboarding support at no additional charge.
  • Does Voting Portals provide support to members?
    Yes, Voting Portals provides support to all members. They simply send a request to info@ and one of our customer service specialists will provide help within 1 business day.
  • Does Voting Portals provide onsite software support during the election meeting?
    Yes, simply send a request to [email protected] to schedule it.
  • How does the association coordinate the paper ballots with online ballots?
    Our system allows you to cross reference the online votes with the physical ballots, so inspectors can easily catch and disregard any duplicates. Voting Portals software also allows you to aggregate the total physical ballots with the online totals to provide the official results.
  • How do you handle a member that owns multiple units?
    Owners can choose to have a separate email address per unit or one email address for all units. The member can then vote each ballot separately or there is a bulk voting feature for casting multiple ballots at a time.
  • Who owns the data and content?
    All content and member data are 100% owned by your association.
  • Do I have to sign any contracts?
    No. You can use Voting Portals by simply signing up online and agreeing to our terms of service.

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