Anonymous Voting System

Trust in the system and providing a secure, safe, and reliable experience to every voter is crucial. Now, without the need to explicitly show your choices and opinions, one can anonymously cast their vote, conduct surveys and polls without being biased or upfront with this service. This not just gives you complete control but also protects against fraudulent votes.

It Lets You Decide, Anonymously!

Do you want to know or need an objective opinion from your representatives, team, colleagues, or participants about a certain topic through a survey or a poll, or you need an objective opinion about a presentation that you gave? Putting an anonymous poll, survey, or vote for that matter given you the most genuine responses and choices, as in, when one is anonymous, one is honest and unbiased and keeps his/her opinion on the pedestal.


Gives You The Complete Power

When you bring anonymity in voting, you instill a feeling of confidence and reliability of the system in the voter wherein they can take their stand without worrying about external pressures and acceptance.

This does not categorize the process of voting as just a matter of 'Who Voted For Whom' and rather allows people to act upon their choices. 

For Anonymous Surveys, Polls, Elections, and Voting, this Anonymous Voting Service allows you to ask multiple questions to groups of voters and use anonymous poll makers to analyze questions, multiple-choice, and votes. Further, you can elect individuals into positions while maintaining voter anonymity.

There Is No Pressure To Vote.
Elect Your Choice!


Full Anonymity

Completely disconnecting responses from voters. Swearing by privacy, neither other voters nor the person administering votes can track selections.


Filter Your Anonymity

By either allowing voter organizers to have access to voter identity or by giving us, i.e., the third party system access to the process for a fair and unbiased overview of the process.


Be Transparent

Those who swear by their choices and have no concern in putting their choice out loud to people can go all transparent in their action, as against being anonymous.


No Contract, No Set Up Costs, No Support Fees



10% Off With Prepaid Annual Subscription

  • Unlimited Ballots

  • Unlimited Surveys

  • Verified (Tracked) Emails

  • Video Library/Document Storage 

  • Setup Included

  • Support Included



Caps at $500 for up to 2000 members

  • Private Label URL (

  • No Ads Allowed

  • Additional Features Including Live Streaming And Video Storage

  • White Glove Service (A Step Well Beyond Tech Support)

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Anonymous system, i.e. trackable and safe!

Considering all aspects involved in any election, Anonymous Voting Service keeps effective monitoring of the process, preventing potential cheats of voters and administrators and making the system fair and acceptable to all.

Run anonymous surveys, polls, elections, and voting to bring the best out of the exercise. Create anonymous online surveys, polls, elections, and votings to ask multiple questions to groups, run simple questionnaires, elect your choice, adhering to all rules, regulations while maintaining anonymity.