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Highest level Of Security Available

Getting unit owners to participate in voting events and establishing a quorum can be difficult. Now your members can vote securely from anywhere in the world from their desktops, laptops and mobile phones.


No Matter What

Data security & privacy is one of the prime concerns these days no matter where you go. This concern intensifies when dealing with private and confidential data from elections, meetings, surveys, etc.


At Voting Portals, having decades of collective experience in this field, we understand the gravity of the requirement of security and data protection. To address the security concerns, we have deployed the highest level of security to ensure that your data and privacy are protected at all times.  


3-Layer Password Authentication

Every account at Voting Portals is secured with 3-layer password authentication such as hybrid passwords, OTP, Captcha, etc. so that control lies strictly in your hand.


Bank-Grade Data

Voting Portals platform is secured with bank-grade data encryption such as 256-bit AES that effectively protects your data from being intercepted by 3rd parties.


Cybersecurity Insurance by Lloyd's of London

Our security is insured by one of the most reputed service providers in this field, Lloyd's of London for further protection of compromised data.


Usage and Voting

Every login, operation, vote, survey, etc they are properly logged within the system and can easily be tracked by admins, which helps eliminate human error.


Blockchain Technology Integration

The entire platform is protected by Blockchain Technology integration which is one of the most efficient security measures for ensuring trust and transparency for all.


Microsoft Cloud

With Microsoft Cloud protection, we are able to detect and block any malware attack or threats from Linux & Windows Servers on any cloud


Verified Email Log

To ensure that your admins have full control, we also provide a verified email log system so that your data stays only with you.


IP Address Tracking and More

Our platform provides IP tracking so that we can track down any threat or malware attack and prevent any sort of data or identity theft.

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