Our system has the most advanced security protocols to ensure the highest level of data protection.


Voting Portals software systems deliver the most advanced platform today in online e-voting and related services. The multi-functional internet-based program allows users to vote securely in elections and on other issues from anywhere in the world by using encrypted voting codes with multiple levels of credential authentication.



Our Process

VP uses the latest technologies available today with a primary focus on security, reliability and verification. In addition to all of our security features and protocols, the software provides a user-friendly experience for the voter resulting in high levels of voter participation with virtually no questions and the ability to vote conveniently from their phone, computer or any online device. VP software also has the best logging system in the business and tracks each voter’s usage, voting status, vote, and authenticates it, registers it, backs it up, and sends confirmation to the user by way of email receipt, while displaying a log system for the admin (only) to see showing the same. All such data is also back-up immediately on VP’s servers and will be backed up and protected by blockchain technology.


At VP, we consider the security of your information as well as your voter’s data a responsibility that is merged with a key component: Integrity. From day one we have focused on ensuring the application meets and exceeds industry security standards in order to ensure all voting events are safe and free from any form of tampering. We have a comprehensive and stringent set of security policies and procedures in order to verify your voters, protect your data, and safeguard the vote tally/results.

Our approach to security can be broken down by the parties involved in the entire process. It all starts with the Admins, followed by the Voting Event Creators, Voters, Auditors and finally any unauthorized visitor. The technology used to develop, and host Voting Portals has proven overtime to be the most reliable available. All actions are logged and made available to inspectors as needed. We use a dynamic engine to authenticate Voters based on the info the Voting Event Creator deems adequate.




Allowing access from anywhere leads to part of the software to be accessible from the public internet. Due to this security risk, VP uses a multi layered approach designed to stop known and unknown threats from affecting the voting event. A dedicated monitoring team combined with software run 24/7 in order to detect and stop threats before they cause any damage. We also use technology to help ensure the computers or mobile devices being used are safe from any malware before they visit the site.

Blockchain Integration

In efforts to keep data safe, we use the latest in database technology in addition to blockchain. This combination ensures ease of use with the most secure approach to data integrity. All data in transit is encrypted and protected to eliminate the possibility of data being manipulated.

At VP, we prioritize security at the highest level possible and know your data is important to you. Our focus is making sure we use the latest available technology in order to ensure all aspects of the web application are kept safe and only made available to the appropriate party.