Voting Portals provides the most advanced software platform available today for communicating online with students at high schools, colleges, and universities. Our proprietary, turnkey portal solution allows your school to live stream (broadcast) online and record classes in a private, password-protected portal. This is a great way to provide additional content to existing students, as well as potentially broaden your audience to around the globe. The same security technology and protocols we use in our union, condo, and government elections are used to ensure your that your school’s data and information are protected at all times.

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Your portal is easily customized in minutes to look and feel like your school with its colors, logo, photos, videos, and other custom content. Live stream your football games to your students for the first time and record them in your video library, so students can go back and watch them later. Live stream certain classes, the school play, talent show, or band concert and record them all for the students to enjoy. Raise funds for the PTA, new sports equipment, or other important needs. Record messages, promote activities, survey the students, send verified emails (with tracking), and allow your students to vote on their phones for class president, prom queen, or homecoming king. With so many features, the options are literally limitless. The best news is you can start tomorrow and its FREE. Contact us today for more information at



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