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Voting Portals provides services to educational institutions including online voting, virtual classes, and seminars.  Our portals include the most advanced digital video library available, making it easy for clients to record and display meetings, seminars and classes for members.  Quickly load videos from YouTube, Zoom/Teams, or your computer for members to watch.

The easiest way to manage educational processes

The voting process in schools and colleges is as important as it gets. Managing can be much harder than anticipated. Our platform integrates perfectly with the Educational sector, Voting Portals offers you the most advanced software platform available today that will be beneficial for management, teachers, and students alike.


Students can stream live classes, archive class, and access documents posted by the school and teachers with a click of a button. Teachers and school officials can utilize our verified email tracking system to ensure important information and documents get to their students.


Students can provide additional content by broadcasting live meetings, events, and  podcast which can broaden your school audience around the globe. Ensuring that security is our top priority every aspect of our platform. Bank grade data encryption, password authentication, block chain integration protecting your data.

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What makes our platform unique


Connect from Anywhere

Easy to set up and connect, Virtual Meeting services enable you to connect to any meeting with the live feed from anywhere in the world.

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Flexible Plans

Is your current plan not working for you? No problem, just reach out to our knowledgeable staff and we will sculpture a fresh new plan for managing your elections.


Quick setup

Specially designed using different logic and parameters, surveys on our platform are relatively easy to set up and takes very little time.


Minimal error

With our online surveys, you can get direct responses without any mediator there is little to no chances of miscommunication or misunderstandings ensuring minimal error.

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