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Opinion Polls: Advantages and Disadvantages

Opinion polls help you determine what your demographic is largely thinking or feeling concerning your project or brand.

By asking your consumers specific questions through polls, you get an overview of the general perspective. And then, you can take the necessary actions.

However, evaluating the pros and cons of opinion polls is crucial to the insight into your consumer demographic.

So, without any further ado, let us take a peek and explore how opinion polls can serve you advantageously or disadvantageously.

Advantages of Conducting an Opinion Poll

Opinion polls allow you to ask your demographic an objective question about your brand or project. Its result largely reflects their opinions and feelings, leaving you with the decision for further processing.

So, let us consider the benefits that creating opinion polls offer you.

To Get a Sense of the Majority Opinion

Opinion polls are best to know what the general demographic thinks or feels about the given subject. Rather than having you conduct elections, this option comes as an affordable one.

You save time, money, and effort while also arriving at a conclusion.

For Potential Accuracy

Did you know that randomness can be your best bet at creating dependable accuracy?

Well, it is because opinion polls focus on randomly interviewing your audience without giving them a whole lot to think about. It cuts out other distracting questions and the pressure to justify themselves.

So, the potential for an accurate first-thought answer is at your disposal.

To Negate Thinking Errors

A large part of the demographic usually bases its opinion on the facts relevant to the topic. If these facts are false understandings by chance, opinion polls can help get rid of the error.

This option makes it possible for you to come up with ways to change their minds.

Since opinion polls offer people a platform to see the aspect objectively, this positive walks right in.


You already know that opinion polls are much more affordable than any other avenue or platform.

One reason behind it is the bare minimum time it takes up. Many people find it affordable to spend five seconds or ten on a simple poll, so you end up with a lot more responses.

Besides, it is also affordable for you. After all, it saves you all the time, money, and effort that would otherwise go into processing.

Disadvantages of Conducting an Opinion Poll

While the above pointers take care of the pros, you need to consider the other side of the coin too. Let us take a look into the cons of conducting an opinion poll.

Influence Could Also Be Negative

Unfortunately, sometimes real-time opinion polls could result in a negative effect on parts of your demographic.

If your demographic is large, you must consider the time zones to avoid this negative influence.

Chances of Inaccuracy

Although very few, there could be one or two cases of inaccuracy in the answers or data you collect. Since opinion polls only ever take in a yes or no, or objective data getting a clear picture can be difficult.

It leaves room and scope for interpretation, and sometimes, it could turn into misinterpretation too.

Altering Answers

Depending on their access to the results, the participants could also change their answers to side with the majority.

Such cases call for errors. And these errors could be detrimental for your brand or project because you would not get the right idea of what your demographic is really thinking.


Opinion polls, without a doubt, are the easiest method of gathering data from your consumer market.

Through opinion polls, you can reap the benefit of affordability. And since this affordability is in terms of time, money, and effort on both ends, nothing like it. It keeps the organizer and participant happy.

While the benefit here lies with the access to better objective decisions, disadvantages also might follow.

Through this list of pros and cons of Online Survey Services, it must be clear that you would also be risking a slight chance of inaccuracy and negative influence. However, depending on what is at stake, you can make your decision as per your requirement!


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