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Voting Portals provides online voting for trade associations and can be tailored to fit the needs of any association’s voting requirements.  In addition to handling online annual elections and other voting events, Voting Portals also provides the ability for associations to add members-only portal content such as virtual meetings, seminars, and displaying official documents and records. 

Secure Online Voting for Your Trade Association

Trade associations usually elect their officers and directors annually and vote on other issues throughout the year.  Voting Portals finally offers a secure and proven electronic voting alternative for trade association members to be able to vote from anywhere in the world.  Our advanced software program makes online voting easy, prevents fraud and human errors, and tracks every vote for maximum transparency and accountability.  Our electronic ballots can also be fully customized to fit any trade association election or voting event.


One portal for all your requirements

Flexible Plans.png

Flexible Plans

Is your current plan not working for you? No problem, just reach out to our knowledgeable staff and we will sculpture a fresh new plan for managing your elections.

Experience Team.png

Experienced Team

We are a specialized team with years of collective experience of managing elections or surveys and everything in between.

24/7 Support

Emergencies can pop up at any time. We understand your urgency and we’ll make every effort to assist you by any means possible 24/7.


Utmost Privacy

Privacy and security is exactly what we do, it is our main focus. Maintaining your privacy and safeguarding your data at all costs is our top priority.


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