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How Should I Run My Community Elections Online

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Community is your territory. Sooner or later, for the growth of one’s community, one needs to select the right voices, representatives, and vision that works for the welfare of the community at large. Whether it is organizing elections for your community, or creating surveys and polls, holding the integrity of the system and people intact is of utmost importance at all times.

Voting Portals allows you a safe and secure customized platform designed by nationally recognized real estate attorney Ben Solomon who has conducted innumerable condo/HOA elections, making sure that associations linked are legally compliant at all times along with other legal requirements. Stringent security support; technical and technology advancement of the system that keeps privacy and transparency of the system by making every decision an informed one, it has definitely crushed every doubt of a person who believes in offline ballot system or holds doubt about online system worthiness.

It is no longer just a matter of trivial casual arrangement, but a practice that follows a proper protocol of planning, execution, and transparency in the system. From allowing you to organize your community elections online to minutely overviewing everything, Voting Portals does it all and makes your online voting experience smooth, reliable, and secure.

Running online voting comes with its share of complexities and unreliabilities, but now with Voting Portals, you can organize one with ease. From giving you a customized experience to keeping your transparency, trust, and reliability in the process, it comes with a firm security process. From a three-layer security setup that does not allow any sort of trespassing in the system to have Blockchain technology support that doesn’t allow any sort of external malignancy, Voting Portals' security is robust and full proof. Informing you about important dates, upholding your Right to Vote as supreme by monitoring and maintaining transparency throughout to make sure that you know and feel the importance, Voting Portals makes your experience an informative one.

If you think you are the one for whom this experience will be too tricky, then worry no more. It is not just a technologically advanced approach but is a very informed advancement. From allowing constant notifications to voters and members, sending on-time alerts to everyone of all the happenings, and informing all members and representatives fair chance to present their views and expressions to voters so that they made a fair choice through timely emails or organizing video meetings for all to attend, Voting Portals allows a smooth and secure experience to all. Also, people sitting in different time zones and countries/states, can now actively take part in the process and don’t need to feel alienated or isolated from the system as with Voting Portals the whole experience is brought to their phone screens. Now, even if they are miles away, they can take part in every decision-making of their community and can exercise their Right to Vote at all times from their screens.

Choosing the wrong Government representative will affect you severely, but choosing the wrong representative of the community shapes your present for good and bad. Making a decision that works best for your community comes with relying on the best people and medium to bring out the change and online voting is one such boon of the time.


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