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How To Protect Online Voting through Voting Portals Features & Securities?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Revolutionizing the online voting experience with the best of services and support, Voting Portals is created by top Real Estate Attorney from the very core. A secure, wholesome electronic voting system with the best of advanced and security support ensures a satisfying, reliable, and safe experience for all. Allowing managers and boards full control over the system, significantly reducing costs, and eliminating human errors and frauds with stringent security support, 24-hour technical support with the best of the team, the platform ensures and guarantees you legal compliance.

With services spread across domains with a wide range of services, Voting Portals strives to make the process smooth and convenient for all. Online voting services, online surveys, anonymous voting, proxy voting, virtual meetings, etc., are some of its services supported by the best of teams and systems.

Who all can experience the best?

1. Homeowners Associations:

They understand how important it is to enforce rules for community welfare or condominium with a well-planned election. Hence, has successfully conducted hundreds of safe and secure elections, surveys for them.

2. Trade Association:

Providing the most advanced and reliable software and platform for associations to communicate effectively and elect the best representative and practice with the best of services.

3. Union:

Providing a transparent, secure, and reliable system for local, state, and national unions to bring the most fruitful change for them with a secured and informed experience of the poll, survey, and voting with them.

4. Government sector:

Specialized in conduction e-voting and elections for the best of people’s interest for the legal sector with strong security and team support.

5. Education sector:

Providing the best software and system available, that is up-to-date with the best technical support, their services support the best change in process with their services.

6. Corporate:

Providing the most advanced platform and services for your platform that allows you to bring an institution change with the best of available services, they strive to grow with you and your business.

Now, what makes it superior and the best pick for an online voting experience?

Superior software:

Equipped with superior software and supported with intelligent communication tools that make the process easy, convenient, transparent, and reliable for users, Voting Portals allows you to create your own customized e-ballot and surveys within seconds with the best services and technology available. With the best technical feasibility and round-the-clock support, they provide the most streamlined and secure way possible for all, making the process easier, safe, and convenient. They strive to make the process simpler and secure. For this, they have an all-in-one electronic platform that grants full access to managers and boards, thus reducing costs, cheats, and human errors and bring out quick reliable results with constant assistance.

Top-notch security:

With strong Blockchain Technology to Bank Grade Data Encryption, they have changed the online voting experience with top-notch security. Further, their three-layered security support i.e., three-tier password integration allows no access to hackers to tamper with your privacy. Voting Portals leverages cryptographic features of the technology for maintaining the privacy of voters. Further, all voters are required to register with a unique identifier assigned by Government to assert their eligibility that further safeguard their identity too in three-layer authentication. Implementing strong authentication mechanisms by using fingerprint technology and biometrics to protect double voting, fraud voting, or hacker access to your account. Maintaining transparency, verifiability, security, and reliability in the system, ensures a safe and secure experience for all.

Right to accessibility for all:

A user-friendly interface that allows you to exercise your right to vote easily from anywhere. Allowing everyone eligible to vote, to vote from anywhere with their service made available on their device allows every voter to elect their choice and being heard even when they are not physically present. Not just this, it allows every such person to have a well-informed choice as they send timely notifications, allows them access to happenings with virtual meetings, recording, and audios, and sending them timely alerts and updates on happenings. The overall process is well integrated that enables a user to interact with the system and co-voters and representatives, seamlessly and securely. Not just this, it allows you the service of Proxy Voting and Anonymous Voting that allows you to choose your representative in times of absence or share your opinion anonymously, maintaining your privacy and security.

With decades-old collective experience and formed by the best people in business, Voting Portals makes the process safe, secure, easier to comprehend and execute for all. With the best of technical support from the best team for your guidance and the best support of Blockchain Technology, three-layered security, and services that allows you to exercise your right in the best and secured way, Voting Portals is for the people with the best of services and technology support.


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