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What Are The Most Common Video Conferencing Problems

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Video conferencing is a boon to human interactions. The fact that it takes just a good connection and a gadget to interact and see someone virtually is a definite evolution of time. Further, with real-time, face-to-face communication with your partners, voters, and people, video conference has enabled substantial savings of time and money. More engaging than traditional calls and email conversations, it can boost a business and its workings. Back in times when it caught our eyes with all sophisticated and advanced technological tools, a video conference was widely accepted as an advancement. Cut to circa 2021, it seems that the shine of the advancement and evolution in interaction has lost its luster for many modern technologists, businesses, and users.

Everything comes with its set of positives and negatives, and that is how fast pace technology is evolving with time. Video conferencing is a revolutionary communication technology that shares its own set of problems for many.

Unfamiliar user:

Lack of confidence, awkwardness, and technologically paralytic are some feelings that user face when they are unfamiliar with tools, causing them to avoid the communication system altogether, calling it “complicated”! How can one overcome this to take full advantage of the technology and not feel overwhelming in the situation? Make yourself familiar with its tools, software, and operations once deployed. Running through the whole process and thorough read-through solution’s Frequently Asked Questions will make one familiar with the whole solution. Before conducting and being a part of it, execute a dry run to understand its nuances and operations. Familiarising yourself always helps in facilitating effective, efficient, convenient, and optimal use of the solution.

Network dependency:

The solution is nothing without good network connectivity and adequate bandwidth. Choppy audio, freezing video, screen share denials, and constant buffers are some issues that happen because of this. No one wants to feel embarrassed in between a meeting with such issues. To solve that, one can do a pre-check on internet connection speed and bandwidth requirements for the usage. Check with your operator or IT department to solve this as lack of sufficient bandwidth and network issues that arise from those are some of the most common problems faced by users associated with video conferencing.

Audiovisual issues:

Often in a video conference, one can see you but can not hear you and vice-a-versa. Delays in the system, echoing audios, freezing videos, or too-low volume can cause problems while using the solution. To fix this, ensure that users have a compatible system. For instance, to avoid audio disruption, a noise cancellation system goes a long way. Check all connections to ensure all cables are securely connected to avoid any disruption. Checking on comprehensive system performance record timely can serve as a strong base for the unbothered experience.

Integration woes:

With a variety of devices available, which includes smartphones, laptops, desktops, etc., for daily professionals and personal needs, this also includes video conferencing, people’s accessibility to advancement is wide. But, making sure that your device integrates well with the solution is crucial, or with disrupted and unsatisfactory experience, the user will abandon the solution as they will find it impractical and not fruitful. Hence, finding the solution compatible with your devices and supported applications is important for a satisfying experience.

Compromised security:

Security is of paramount importance when it comes to high-level communication within a system or an organization. What concerns major people about video conferencing is the fact that it is an experience not just limited to video communication, but involves text and audio communication also, along with file transfer and application sharing that makes the process a lot more for people. This sharing and operations are highly sensitive and need to be secure. Hence, people often face security concerns associated with the solution. Educate yourself about security protocols associated with the solution, understand whether they are safe, secure, and updated. Know whether the operator supports the latest encryption technology and constantly upgrades for a much safer and secured experience.

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