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HOA And Condo: The Modern Community Governments

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

If you live in a community, the terms HOA and condo association management might seem familiar. Some people even have successful careers as condos or community managers.

So, as homeowners in the United States, should you pay attention to such terms? Absolutely yes! It is vital to have at least the basic idea of HOA and community management.

These associations provide benefits, opportunities, and responsibilities. However, you should be eligible to become a part of an HOA. With more emphasis on communities, it’s difficult for families to stay remotely independent.

This article explains HOA and condo management in simple words. By reading further, you will understand why there’s a growing insistence on these terms.

What is HOA?

HOA stands for a homeowner association. This association is an organization that is responsible for making rules for residents that live in a:

  • Planned community

  • Multiple-unit buildings

  • Neighborhood

Generally, HOAs operate under specific state laws. This association comprises residents that belong to a community.

The residents usually elect a board of directors in an annual meeting. A typical HOA board consists of:

  • A president

  • A vice president

  • A secretary

  • A treasurer

This board indulges in various activities like:

  • Periodic collection of fees

  • Imposition of fines

  • Drafting of rules and regulations documents

  • Addressing grievances of residents

What is a Condo Association?

The condo is the slang for a condominium. A condominium is a unit inside a residential building that has separate individual owners. The residents jointly own the common areas in such a building.

A condo association is a body that looks after all the maintenance and general activities of a condominium.

This association has a team of director boards similar to that of HOAs. However, some condo associations hire a professional management company to oversee the daily director tasks.

A condo association manager:

  • Assists other members of the condo board

  • Collects common fees

  • Prepares annual budgets of the condominium

  • Organizes board meetings

  • Arranges audits

  • Ensures periodic maintenance activities

There are several condo association management companies in the United States that provide excellent condo managers.

Who Can Become a Board Member in an HOA?

A homeowners association can sustain and function efficiently if they have capable board members. Thus, every HOA must have qualified board members.

You naturally become part of the association when you buy a property (condo or house) in a residential area.

However, to become eligible for being elected, you:

  • Should not be related to other board members

  • Should have no dues with the association

  • Must be free from any criminal charges

  • Should not have any present legal problems with the HOA

Usually, an ideal board member should have:

  • Good management skills

  • Clear communication skills

  • Honesty and transparency

  • Willingness to serve the community

  • Ability to work in teams

A board member with most of the above qualities can become proficient in his administration.

Voting Holds the Key

It is a no-brainer that residents need to be highly careful in their annual meet. The board directors can impose restrictions and laws that threaten the freedom of some residents.

In most cases, such decisions are unanimous. However, stubborn board members can pass community laws that have adverse effects.

Hence, as a responsible associate member, you should vote for the right person.

A Career in HOA and Condo Association Management

By now, you are aware of the requirements of an ideal condo manager. Since most HOAs and condominium boards hire professional experts, this field is now a career option.

If you have the above skills, you can establish your property management services. Eventually, candidates can help the current board by assisting them in the activities mentioned above.

The best condo management companies prefer candidates with adequate digital skills to explore this field and make a successful career.

Summing Up

An HOA is like a mini-government. It is directly responsible for daily activities related to community residents. Hence, members should vote for suitable board members.

HOA and condo association management companies are your best option to get a professional condo manager. This manager assists the residents in all activities. The right technology can ease the process of voting for the perfect board of members.

There are online voting portals that specialize in efficient and transparent condo elections. So, if you are part of an HOA, it’s wise to use proficient technology.


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