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Communicate effortlessly with your members virtually. Voting portals virtually meeting services gives your members the opportunity to watch live meetings for access archive meetings with just a click from anywhere in the world. It’s the easiest to use communication platform for associations and boards, for any and all sectors.

Attend meeting from anywhere in the world

Our sole purpose at Voting Portals is to ensure a smooth experience for our members to give them the ability to connect and act from wherever they are. The Virtual Meeting services offered by us let you connect and be a part of meetings from any corner of the world. What’s more, you can use this service with other services such as online surveys or online voting so that you can have convenience at your fingertips.


Robust platform with built-in features

With a robust and easy-to-use platform that comes with utmost security, our software is designed to provide a superior communications portal for associations and boards of different sectors and allows live streaming and recording of the meetings which can be archived for future reference or use.


The Virtual Meeting services also come with several other features such as email tracking, the ability to synchronize with management software, sending verified (tracked) emails, and providing other valuable content and information to members.

More than one reasons to choose Voting Portals Virtual Meeting Services


Utmost Privacy

Privacy and security is exactly what we do, it is our main focus. Maintaining your privacy and safeguarding your data at all costs is our top priority.


Connect from Anywhere

Easy to set up and connect, Virtual Meeting services enable you to connect to any meeting with the live feed from anywhere in the world.


24/7 Support

Emergencies can pop up at any time. We understand your urgency and we’ll make every effort to assist you by any means possible 24/7.


Real-time Results

Conduct a virtual meeting and an online survey or voting at the same time with our flexible platform that allows you to do more and achieve real-time results.


No Contract, No Set Up Costs, No Support Fees



10% Off With Prepaid Annual Subscription

  • Unlimited Ballots

  • Unlimited Surveys

  • Verified (Tracked) Emails

  • Video Library/Document Storage 

  • Setup Included

  • Support Included



Caps at $500 for up to 2000 members

  • Private Label URL (

  • No Ads Allowed

  • Additional Features Including Live Streaming And Video Storage

  • White Glove Service (A Step Well Beyond Tech Support)


How is Voting Portals’ Virtual meeting application different from the ones available in the market?

Voting Portals' platform allows you to live stream anytime and anywhere you want while the other features such as sharing documents, conducting surveys, taking online votes are made available while you are in the middle of an important discussion with your community members. With all these tools you feel much more equipped to discuss critical subjects and take necessary decisions based on the results.

Can I request as many participants to join the meeting which will help me to convert into an online seminar?

Yes, you can add as many members as required to the live streaming and send them requests to join in the session.

Can I also record videos or upload videos for the virtual meetings to be conducted at a later stage?

Yes, there is a provision to create a video library that you can share with your members which makes it convenient for them to watch it later if it was a seminar or a training/tutorial session that you had organized for them.

How long the recorded video meetings stay on the server and is it secured?

Voting Portals is a cloud-based online voting service provider which also helps you to conduct meetings, ballots, and surveys. All our servers and applications are secured with 2FA enabled & managed by industry-leading experts on a daily basis to keep the threat of hacking, malware, and bot attacks away.

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Live Stream your virtual meetings & online seminars

At Voting Portals, we believe that meetings and management that enable the smooth running of any association or organization must not stop because of the unavailability of any members. We also believe that, unless there’s an emergency, there’s no reason for unavailability in this technologically advanced age. Voting Portals’ platform is one of a kind system that allows you to conduct virtual meetings irrespective of your location. One of the prime aspects of conducting online voting or for the general management of any association is to have regular meetings where various important steps are decided. Our Virtual Meeting services allow people to be a part of meetings and discussions from the comfort of their home or from any place if they are traveling.

Just like any other services offered by Voting Portals, the Virtual Meetings can also be clubbed with other services. For instance, one can conduct a meeting and a survey at the same time to get real-time inputs and data. Needless to say, the whole system is heavily secure and with our Virtual Meeting services as well, you get utmost privacy and security at all times.