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The running of a Union includes a lot of people working together and comprises of a lot of important processes that requires a great deal of effort to ensure that everything is being carried out smoothly and without any glitch.

At Voting Portals, along with a secure, online voting system, we provide numerous other services for local, state, national, and international unions. With software that is fully compliant with the U.S. Department of Labor, we ensure that with our services such as Online Surveys, Virtual Meetings, Election Management, etc., we stand tall to our client’s expectations. 

When it comes to security, we keep no stones unturned. Our proprietary program uses enhanced encryption, two-factor authentication, a member ID process, blockchain integration, and verified tracking logs.


Among other major unions, we have successfully handled online elections and voting events for the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) with 10 separate regional ballots, Utility Workers of America, Association of Theatrical Press Agents, and Managers, and Audio Engineering Society, with global membership. Voters from every corner of the U.S. and the world have successfully used our software program with ease.


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Emergencies can pop up at any time. We understand your urgency and we’ll make every effort to assist you by any means possible 24/7.


Do More

Conduct a virtual meeting and an online survey or voting at the same time with our flexible platform that allows you to do more and achieve real-time results.


Data security

With layers of embedded security, we ensure that all your collected data are safe and secure with us at all times.


Utmost Privacy

Privacy and security is exactly what we do, it is our main focus. Maintaining your privacy and safeguarding your data at all costs is our top priority.

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