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Voting Portals provides the most advanced software platform available today for communicating online with trade association members. Our proprietary, turnkey solution allows your association to live stream and record classes, events, or other content in a protected portal. Adding Content to existing
and your audience around the world. Security technology and protocols protects your association’s data and information. Among other major trade associations we work with the National Air Controllers Associations with over 15,000 members and the Miami association of Realtors; the largest realtors association in the country with over 50,000 members.

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Your portal is easily customized in minutes to look and feel like your trade association with its logo, photos, videos, and other custom content. Live stream your association meetings and events to your members for the first time and record them in your video library, so your members can go back and watch them later. Promote events, sell items, or raise money. Vote securely online for your officers and directors or on other important issues. Survey your members and post the results. Link to partners websites and post videos. With so many features, the options are literally limitless. Contact us today for more information at


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