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Whether it is for the HOA/Condo, Trade Association, Union, Education or Government, Voting Portals’ services pan across different domains for a range of services that make the operation of the management and everyone involved way easier. Our range of services includes Online Voting Services, Election Management, Online Survey, Virtual Meetings, etc.

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Whether it is HOA/Condo, Trade Association, Union, Education or Government, Voting Portals’ services pan across different domains for a range of services such as Online Voting, Election Management, Online Survey, Virtual Meetings, etc.


Voting Services 



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The entire voting process in Condo/HOA, Union, Trade Association, Government, etc. is very critical and complex. At Voting Portals, having successfully conducted hundreds of elections and other electronic voting events for condominium associations and HOAs throughout the U.S., as well as providing Online Voting Services for the Government sector, Unions, etc.


we have honed the entire process with the best of technical feasibility as well as round-the-clock support. We provide online Voting Services in the most streamlined and secure way possible that makes the entire process way easier.


With the Voting Portals voting services, you can stay rest assured that the results will be accurate with no scope of human errors. This service also allows anyone to participate in the voting process from any corner of the world.


Online Survey


Among the list of services offered by us, at Voting Portals, we are also offering Online survey services that help you to gauge different scenarios and sentiments with surveys. Convenient to create, share and collect data, an online survey is an effective tool that helps you to easily reach out to your association members, clients, or even the general public to find out their opinions and accordingly implement any actions.


With complete legal compliance and top-notch security features such as blockchain technology integration, 3-layer password encryption, IP address tracking and more, the Voting Portals Online survey Services is the perfect tool for managing and enhancing different processes in different sectors.


Voting System

Trust in the system and providing a secure, safe, and reliable experience to every voter is crucial. Now, without the need to explicitly show your choices and opinions, one can anonymously cast their vote, conduct surveys and polls without being biased or upfront with this service. This not just gives you complete control but also protects against fraudulent votes.


Do you want to know or need an objective opinion from your representatives, team, colleagues, or participants about a certain topic through a survey or a poll, or you need an objective opinion about a presentation that you gave? Putting an anonymous poll, survey, or vote for that matter given you the most genuine responses and choices, as in, when one is anonymous, one is honest and unbiased and keeps his/her opinion on the pedestal.


Proxy Voting Service

Electing a Board of Directors or appointing an HOA’s representative requires stakeholders’ input, not their physical presence. In these situations, they can elect a representative that can do the needful in their absence. Shareholder meetings, HOA elections, and Board of Directors elections are some suitable domains that can benefit from this service.


For your proxy’s smooth, safe, & secured experience, we provide seamless authentication, login, and instant vote confirmation. Further facilitating informed and secured experience, this comprehensive and industry-leading service supports domestic members, cross-border members, and shareholders in their governance rights.


All organizations for elections, polls, and surveys can implement proxy votes to conclude a decision. With us, the experience is secure, reliable, and safe.


Highest level Of security available

Getting unit owners to participate in voting events and establishing a quorum can be difficult. Now your members can vote securely from anywhere in the world from their desktops, laptops and mobile phones.

  • 3-layer password authentication

  • Bank-grade data encryption

  • Cyber security insurance by Lloyd's of London

  • Usage and voting logs  

  • Blockchain technology integration

  • Microsoft Cloud protection

  • Verified email log system

  • IP address tracking and more

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Live Stream and Record Association Meetings

Option to live stream and record meetings through the portal and display for members, as well as YouTube and pre-recorded videos.

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