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Online HOA/Condo Voting

The entire voting process in either a Condo or HOA voting is very critical and complex. At Voting Portals, having successfully conducted hundreds of elections and other electronic voting events for condominium associations and HOAs throughout the U.S., we are able to provide Voting Services that makes the entire process way easier and streamlined.


Among other laws, our proprietary program fully complies with electronic voting requirements under Florida Statutes. With our easy-to-use platform and 24X7 support, we ensure to make the lives of all those involved in the voting process easier. Also, with the Voting Portals voting services, you can stay rest assured that the results will be accurate with no scope of human errors. This service also allows anyone to participate in the voting process from any corner of the world.


More than one reasons to choose Voting Portals as your Online Voting Services


Legally Compliant

Personally designed by our CEO and nationally recognized real estate attorney, Ben Solomon, Esq., who has conducted thousands of condo/HOA elections, to assure your association is legally compliant at all times.

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Secure Everytime

From Blockchain Technology integration to Bank Grade Data Encryption and a lot more, we at Voting Portals are revolutionizing online voting with top notch security!


Ease & Support

It's easy to create ballots, surveys, and a lot more with the most user-friendly interface and 24x7 support at Voting Portals.


Customized Portal

Get the most customized portal experience with dedicated URL for your HOA/Condo along with Private label login page, archived meetings and much more.

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Voting Services, Online Survey & Virtual Meeting are bundled at one price $84/mo


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