Voting Portals specializes in online voting and elections for regulated legal sectors including condos, HOAs, unions, municipalities, local, state, and national governments. Our proven software platform can handle millions of voters at a time and complies with the strictest laws in the United States. Our proprietary programs also provide the highest possible level of security with encryption, three-factor authentication, government ID integration, bio-metrics, and block-chain technology. Personally designed by our CEO and nationally recognized attorney, Ben Solomon, Esq., who has conducted hundreds of elections, Voting Portals offers the most reliable, robust, and secure online government voting platform available today.


We are already working with key government officials and testing our secure government programs.  Due to confidentiality, we do not disclose our government clients, projects, or contacts.  For more information on how we can assist your town, city, county, or state, please contact us.

Image by Kyle Mills