Voting Portals security system guarantees integrity, reliability and verification for your voting events.

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Dedicated Login System

With members voting around the globe,

Voting Portals login system prevents

any possible threats. Our process

tracks every vote, which is authenticated,

registered, and backed up in VP servers.



Blockchain Integration

Voting Portals uses Blockchain technology

to secure all data and information.

All information received is encrypted

and protected.


Our Process

VP uses the latest technologies available today with a primary focus on security, reliability and verification. In addition to all of our security features and protocols, the software provides a user-friendly experience for the voter resulting in high levels of voter participation with virtually no questions and the ability to vote conveniently from their phone, computer or any online device.

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Regulation & Compliance

Voting Portals specializes in electronic voting

and elections for regulated legal sectors

including condos, HOAs, unions, trade

associations, and government. Our

proprietary programs are designed and

supervised by top attorneys to help ensure

legal compliance at all times.


3 Layer Password System

Layers of security are used to protect

important information to minimize risk

as much as possible. With protection

enable across all devices before visting

the site.


Start voting the right way.

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