Its Time to Leave the
Paper in the Past

Get rid of paper, crowded lines, and endless wait times.

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Save Time and Money

Reduce the unnecessary costs of paper ballot

voting. Save money on printing, mailing, and

administrative time. Significantly decrease

meeting times by determining your online

results in seconds.

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Sign Online Documents and Forms

Our portals allow members to sign consent

forms, proxies, applications, and other

online documents. Administrators can easily

organize and store such executed documents

inside the member’s digital profile.


Share your events

Instantly share your events with your
organization so your members will
always be connected.

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Voting Portals lets you live stream
from your device and is compatible
with all devices.


Upload & Share Videos

Videos can be uploaded from
video platforms and shared with
your members.


Video Library & Storage

Videos and recordings are
stored indefinitely in our secure
servers to protect and preserve your


Join the Revolution.

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