Voting Portals is designed to provide a
complete online voting experience and
all-in-one communication platform.

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Vote anywhere in the World

Members can connect online and submit

their votes securely from any device including

desktop, laptop, and/or mobile phone.

Remind members to vote with our automatic

alerts and keep track of live results with

our advanced voting log system.

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Easy to Use

Our platform provides the most user-friendly

experience for managers and members.

The software includes a tutorial feature

that will allow you to design your

association’s portal in minutes and provides

templates for the creation of

ballots and surveys.

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Improve Communication

with your Members

Survey your members online to find out what

they think about important issues, send

verified emails, create newsletters,

track usage, and link to management

and other websites.


Customize your Portal

Customize your portal to match your

organization’s look by uploading your logo,

images, and video content. Videos and

recordings are easily labeled and posted

by you in a library for members to

watch anytime. Create and label

custom buttons in seconds and attach

documents, presentations, and other content.

Click below to start today.

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