Voting Portals, LLC (“VP”) is a cutting-edge software development company based in Miami, Florida.  VP is the pioneer and leader in the electronic voting arena and has conducted local, state, national, and international elections for unions, trade associations, condos, HOAs, and other groups.  Among other major clients, VP facilitated the online election for the National Air Traffic Controllers Association with over 15,000 members and works with the Miami Association of Realtors (the largest realtors association in the country with over 50,000 members) to live stream and record their seminars and other content.  Additionally, VP provides best-in-class electronic voting for condominium associations and HOAs, along with an online meeting platform for members. 

VP software is secure, robust, and reliable.  We offer the most user-friendly electronic voting platforms available today. Our proprietary software programs can be customized to fit the needs of any organization.  Associations also enjoy a private label experience where they can customize the look and feel of the software.  All of VP’s programs have the best possible security available including encryption, blockchain integration, and multiple levels of credential authentication.  

The principals of VP have more than 50 years of combined technology and business experience. VP builds all of its own software programs through its in-house team of seasoned developers, programmers and designers. 

VP intends to continuing innovating and customizing new software programs for its customers with the goal of bringing electronic voting and web portal services to the masses.